The Gospel of Luke – A Brief Overview

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Attached is the brief overview of the Gospel of Luke as it appears in the book, The Synoptic Gospel.


It is helpful to know something about the similiarities and differences between the four Gospel accounts, as they are in many places quite synoptic!

The attached Acrobat .pdf document provides some basic information about the Gospel named “Luke”, and the man who may have written it. 

The overview for the Gospel of Luke is presnted first because so far we have spent eight of the posted Acts of this series in it. 

As with everything to do with God, religion, and the Bible, there is a lot of speculation and debate about who actually may have written any of the Gospels of the New Testament, and what is attached tries only to be as accurate as today’s understanding and scholarship of these subjets allows. 

The information presented is only a best guess.

The overviews for the other three Gospels will be presented shortly.  Matthew is next.


Adobe .pdf  file:   The SYNOPTIC GOSPEL – Gospel of Luke Overview


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2 Responses to “The Gospel of Luke – A Brief Overview”

Comment from Kim Lee
Time June 27, 2010 at 2:51 am

Greetings, I enjoyed your article.
I think Luke is an essential gospel because it tells about birth and the christmas story of Jesus. Do you have one of these for John’s Gospel?
Just think your blog is good with really deep meanings! Thanks – Kim

Comment from Daniel John
Time June 30, 2010 at 1:24 am

Cheers! Thank you for your comments, Kim! Yes, there is a brief overview for each of the four Gospels, as they appear in the book, The Synoptic Gospel, including John, which will be posted next week. At that time the overview for the Gospel of Mark will also be posted. I hope that you continue to enjoy!